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Learning how to mourn is hard enough on its own. Rediscovering a long-dormant truth along the way makes it all the more complicated.

Playtime: ~20-30 minutes
cw: some mildly strong language, mentions of mourning and death, sensual themes.


writing, art, audio, and programming by Isabella Ness

twitter: @_decibella


Vivian's sculpture modeled after Chauncey Ives' Undine Rising From the Waters (1880)

Special thanks to Sean, ducky, Josie, and the Bitscord for help & support <3

Bitsy is a tool created by Adam Le Doux.

External tools and hacks used:
image to bitsy
dialog choices
dialog pause
long dialog
transparent sprites


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Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you liked it <333

This was. Such a worthwhile and resonant experience to go through. Thanks for making something great!!

Thank YOU for playing, I'm really pleased you could identify with it ^^

This is exceptionally well polished!

Thank you so much 😄❤️