- Press the right arrow key to begin the story after the foreword -

Learning how to mourn is hard enough on its own. Rediscovering a long-dormant truth along the way makes it all the more complicated.

Playtime: ~20-30 minutes
cw: some mildly strong language, mentions of mourning and death, sensual themes.


writing, art, audio, and programming by Isabella Ness

twitter: @_decibella


Vivian's sculpture modeled after Chauncey Ives' Undine Rising From the Waters (1880)

Special thanks to Sean, ducky, Josie, and the Bitscord for help & support <3

Bitsy is a tool created by Adam Le Doux.

External tools and hacks used:
image to bitsy
dialog choices
dialog pause
long dialog
transparent sprites


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This was absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad I took the time to play it. The way the player discovers the narrator as they themselves do is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for creating something so excellent!!

Thank you so much for playing! I love that you felt close to Vivian's discovery <3

✨✨✨ WOW WOW WOW ✨✨✨


Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you liked it <333

This was. Such a worthwhile and resonant experience to go through. Thanks for making something great!!

Thank YOU for playing, I'm really pleased you could identify with it ^^

This is exceptionally well polished!

Thank you so much 😄❤️