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Beautiful. Teared up a touch at the end. :)

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you liked it <3

some relatable stuff here! and the transitions work so well! I love how much story you managed to pack into one room :D


Thank you so much!! I was PSYCHED to used the transitions, I love the way they turned out ^^ Thanks for playing!

This is very nice, thanks for sharing! Some very relatable moments in there.

I'm glad it resonated with you, thanks so much for playing ^^

aw this is so good!!! i rly love the progression and just taking it a time skip at a time, the ending is very lovely :3


Thank you so much for playing! I'm happy the time skipping worked, I love how difference palettes can change things while the rooms stay similarly laid out.

This is such a lovely and vulnerable game. It was such a treat getting to play it! <3

I'm so glad you liked it, thank you!!