No memory.

No companions.

No trace.

Explore the empty island sprawled around you (arrow keys) to collect petals, fragments of poetry, and the threads of a life left behind.


Art, design, narrative, and audio by Isabella Ness

Many thanks to:

Adam Le Doux's indomitable tool, Bitsy
 and transparent-sprites by Sean LeBlanc
bitsymuse by Sean LeBlanc and ducklingsmith
SapphoBot / Anne Carson's "If Not Winter" for fragment translations


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Ah this is so lovely, the music is wonderful, and I love the moods of the worlds you make!


Thank you so much!! I love being able to find a way to make the moods work in bit-style, I'm so glad that comes across well <3

Thank you for playing!

so beautiful! i love the colors so much omg


Thank you!! I was so happy with how the palettes turned out, I'm glad you enjoyed them ^^